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Jackie Kennedy decided to leave this world after the death of her husband. On November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, Lee Harvey Oswald aimed his gun at the head of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and pulled the trigger. The president, who was in the presidential car with his wife, lost his life at the time.

The then first lady was 34 years old and in the days after the murder the anguish completely invaded her. Vanity Fair magazine has compiled this week a few notes from the book Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis: The Story Never Told, whose pages reveal Jackie’s confessions after losing her husband. According to author Barbara Leaming, she spent a long time having nightmares about the murder.hremaera

“I drank a lot, the vodka became her anesthesia. The few nights she managed to fall asleep woke up screaming, “he says. The former lady had a guilty feeling of not being able to do anything to prevent Kennedy’s death. “I would have been able to throw myself in front of him, or do something, if I had known,” Jackie confessed to a priest.

Known by her devout side, the widow of the president came to raise the religious suicide, and asked him to pray to God to take her to her husband. Watch Jackie Online The priest’s response was blunt: “It is not fair to pray to ask for death,” and convinced him that his sons John and Caroline needed her.

Another detail that has transpired in the book is that Jackie asked to remove all the images of her husband at home. Jackie Full Movie The only photograph left standing was one in which JFK appeared on his back.

In addition to this new biography, this week the Chilean Pablo Larrain has presented ‘Jackie’, a film starring Natalie Portman in which shows the life of the former US lady. Watch Jackie Online Free In the film, the director recounts Jackie’s life from the time of her husband’s murder in Dallas. The film tells how the state funeral is organized and a completely different future is posed to the one that had been raised so far.

In the film, which employs a structure based on “flahsbacks” using black and white to simulate television interviews, real images of Kennedy’s funeral appear.

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